Eating / Everything in moderation.  I’ve brought gluten back into my life.  But not daily.  And sometimes not even weekly.  But nothing is off limits when it comes to me and my gastronomy.

Drinking / Red Wine.  The most fun part – Big Guy is loving my new found love for red wine because now we can share a bottle and talk about the wine together.

Practicing / Pilates.  When I first started taking a Pilates class once a week several years ago I didn’t understand the point.  It was too slow and I didn’t sweat.  But fast-forward four years and now I crave Pilates.  In fact, I wish I could incorporate it into my routine more.  It’s helped me with slowing down and stopping my mind.  And that takes a lot of practice.

Mastering / The Art of Tailgating.  And I’m serious.  We have it down to a science now.

Learning / More about red wine.  Especially the notes on the nose.  I’m even keeping track in a journal.  See, it’s more than just drinking…

Trying / To spend as much time with my girlfriends as possible.

Playing / sweet potatoes.  Random, yes.  But I now have pounds upon pounds of sweet potatoes curing and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to use them all.  I have recipes galore in mind.

Finishing / The tomatoes.  I have eaten tomatoes until I can’t eat them any longer.

Reading / French Kids Eat Everything.  And I cannot wait to do a review on this book.

Remembering / That my passion in life will never lead me in the wrong direction.

Wearing / A smile.  Because I am so ridiculously blessed.

Cooking /  All.the.things. from Jessica’s blog and cookbook, Seriously Delish.

Working / Only after coffee.

Traveling / Around the world.  That was the theme of our last Supper Club in September and it was such a delicious menu.

Wanting / To see my family.  It’s tough not seeing my family every few weeks.  But that makes the “reunions” even more fun and special.



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