Friday Favorites

Not only is it officially fall according to the calendar, but this week it’s felt like fall.  Thankfully we’re going to get a break from the rain and it’s supposed to be really nice this weekend.  So what’s on tap for the weekend?  Well, there is no ECU football so that means the weekend is essentially free!  We have some things to get done Saturday morning, but after that, it’s all about enjoying the weekend.  Big Guy has been in Denver all week so I’m just excited to have him around the house (so I don’t have to talk to myself).  One thing is for sure – we have quite the menu planned for our weekend.  So let’s get this work day done and over with so we can all get to cocktail hour…

Favorite Decadence:  Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies.  Holy yum.  Sweet and salty, I bet these are best served warm.


Favorite Fall:  Skinny jeans, flats, sweater and vest.  Easy and effortless yet pulled together.  My kind of look.



Favorite Drool:  Butter Pecan Cinnamon Buns.  Cinnamon Buns are on my Fall Bucket List and this combination is drool-inducing.  If being in a sugar coma at 9am on a Sunday morning is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


Favorite Upgrade:  The re-arrange bug has bitten.  I want to revamp everything.  Especially the living room.  But since I don’t think new furniture and paint are in the cards this season, I want to spruce up the bookshelves.  I’m pretty sure Big Guy will approve of that upgrade.


Favorite Flavors:  Brie + Avocado + Bacon.  Who knew that those three little ingredients could make me excited about a sandwich?  The flavor combination is unreal.  I must have it now.

Favorite Sunday Supper:  One-Pot Autumn Herb Roasted Chicken  with Butter Toasted Wild Rice Pilaf.  This dish looks so comforting.  I can imagine eating this for dinner would be like a huge bear hug from your Dad.  One pot and a bottle of wine – that’s all you need with this recipe.

Favorite Must-Have:  This weekender bag is the perfect overnight bag.  I love how there is a separate shoe compartment – genius!


Favorite Sip:  Grilled Peach and Rosemary Prosecco.  I am crossing my fingers I can still find a good, ripe peach at the store.


Happy Weekend!






2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Oh love that weekender! It’s been on my Christmas list for awhile! And yes, I started my Christmas list back in June. What doesn’t everyone?!?!

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