One Bowl Carrot-Apple Muffins

Baking can be intimidating.

I’ve messed up a plenty of recipes in my kitchen because I just don’t like how precise you have to be in baking.

But this one bowl muffin recipe is fool-proof.  Seriously.

And they’re gluten-free.  And packed with goodness.

These carrot-apple muffins are full of texture from the grated carrot and apple and loaded with natural sweetness.

I served my muffin with a big spoonful of peanut butter – because that’s how I roll.  But these are great for breakfast on-the-go or a quick afternoon snack.

The muffins will make your house smell amazing and they kind-of-sort-of got me in the mood for fall.  I’m not quite there but these helped.

The warmth of the cinnamon and the nuttiness of the walnuts were perfect for a cooler morning.

Some changes I made to the recipe:  Instead of the flax egg, I used a real egg.  I also mixed my walnuts into the muffins so that they wouldn’t fall off – no one wants to lose their walnuts.  And I went the real apple route and grated the apple on a box grater and for the sweetener, I went with agave.

Go whip up a batch of these one-bowl muffins – it won’t take you long and you’ll have breakfast prepped for the rest of the week.

And the best part – there’s only one bowl to clean.




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