SoCo {officially my favorite}

Asking me to pick my favorite food or restaurant is, in my opinion, like asking a mother or father to pick their favorite child.

It’s impossible.

And unfair.

But after a date night last week, I can without a doubt tell you that SoCo is my favorite restaurant.

I rarely go to a restaurant more than once.  There are just so many out there that I want to try so why waste time eating at the same one over and over again?

SoCo is an exception.

Every single time is a new experience.  They exquisitely pair wine with food in a way that excites me and makes me giddy.  A true sign of your favorite restaurant.

But I think the best part of SoCo is how “at home” I feel when I dine in their renovated barn that serves as the restaurant.

Last week, during our most recent visit, we had a lot of one-on-one time with Kimberly, as we were the only table that night.  And while I hated it for their business, I loved being about to talk and get to know her better.

SoCo is an extension of their home.  Literally.  And it’s only possible because they put everything they have into the beautiful 11-acres that they own.

And I know I’ve done a review of SoCo multiple times, but I can’t help myself.  The food inspires me.  Meals at SoCo make me feel alive.



SALAD: Smoked Eggplant, Sweet Potato and Tomato Salad with chili-sorghum dressing, chopped peanuts and spiced yoghurt

Dinner started off with a powerhouse of flavors.  The Indian-spiced yogurt was insanely luscious and paired so perfectly with the sweet and smokey vegetables.  By this point in the season, most people are a little tired of using tomatoes on salads so I was thrilled to see them cooked and seasoned in a way that was new to my palate.  The crunchy peanuts on top were a brilliant move and my favorite bite included a little bit of the yogurt with a chunk of sweet potato and a bit of peanut.

pork belly


SECOND:  Smoked Nature’s Farm Free Range Pork Belly with watermelon & pear gazpacho, goat cheese crema, and Cardinal Farm Hops oil

Melt-in-your-mouth pork resting in a bowl of sweet gazpacho completely blew my taste buds away.  The coolest part of the soup was being able to see the trees from which the pears grew from the table we were sitting at.  (p.s. we have now deemed this “our” table.)



The most incredible part of this dish was the wine pairing.  Pairing pork belly with a rose was the farthest duo in my mind but it was absolutely brilliant pairing.  The lambent wine balanced the fatty, indulgent pork belly.  This was my favorite, most unexpected, pairing of the night.  And can we talk about the color of this wine?  Gorgeous.



ENTREE:  Roasted Local Vegetable Terrine with black rice, crispy farmhouse egg and charred sweet corn bisque

Where do I even begin with this plate of food?  Beautiful presentation and exquisite execution of the crispy farmhouse egg.  The egg was incredibly sweet which made me ask if it was actually crusted in coconut.  But the egg itself is sweeter than normal eggs and the corn bisque provided hints of delicate sweetness with every bite.  Black rice can be filed under my “current obsessions.”  Thick and almost chewy – I adore the textures in this dish.  The wine that was served with this plate was actually my favorite wine of the night – an “easy” red.  And I say “easy” because it could easily pair with any plate of food put in front of you or it could be enjoyed alone (I can’t believe I just said that).

molasses cake

SWEETNESS:  Molasses Cake with cereal crisp and citrus crème fraiche

When I realized that there wasn’t any chocolate on this particular menu I was a little disappointed.  But that quickly dissipated once I took a bite of this spiced cake.  The creme fraiche was more tart than sweet but it’s what was needed with the sweet, candied topping and cake.  And there was flecks of salt in the cereal crisp that really took this dessert to another level.

A flawless dinner – from the service to the wine to the beautiful plates of food.

SoCo is my favorite.



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