Friday Favorites.

Let’s jump right on in…

Favorite Truth:  


Favorite View:  Can you imagine eating dinner on the 63rd floor overlooking the city of Bangkok?  Spectacular.

Favorite Statement:  Every time I wear this bracelet, someone asks “where did you get it?”

Favorite Transition:  Thai Butternut Squash Wraps.  I really don’t want summer to end.  But if I must start to move into the “fall” way of life, let’s make the transition easy by using fall butternut squash and dunking it into a decadent sauce.


Favorite Must-Have:  I am so old school sometimes.  Despite having an iPhone and an iPad, there is no way I would trust technology with my schedule.  You will always find me with my Lilly agenda in hand.

Favorite Twist:  Thai Shrimp Tacos.  Blending different cuisines is always fun and I especially love entertaining with tacos because they’re so versatile.  And you always know what cocktail to serve.


Favorite Adventure:  It’s time to finally check the last item off my Summer Bucket List….In 2015, Big Guy and I are traveling many miles to see part of the world that I’ve never dreamed of seeing.  We’re going to explore new territory and eat our way through towns where Open Table probably doesn’t exist.  We’re going to spend a few days living with elephants in their world and finish off our two week excursion by relaxing in a tropical paradise.  It’s official…we’re heading to Thailand in 2015!!!!!!!


Eeeeeek!!!!  There are still many details to iron out but we have the skeleton of the trip planned along with the dates.  Unfortunately, there are only a couple of really good months to visit Thailand in order to avoid their holidays and celebrations, the rainy months and high-traffic times so we won’t be heading there until later in the year.  This is the first time that we will have traveled and “bounced” around from city to city but I am so excited about the experience.  It is unlike any trip I’ve ever been on.  My only current fear:  not having a suitcase that is big enough.

And with that I’m off to celebrate a weekend full of football and birthday fun!


One thought on “Friday Favorites.

  1. So excited for you! I love how thematic the post was leading up to the announcement! Very well done on the elephants, travel truth and thai food.

    Related: I got my sister the elephant Lilly agenda last month and she’s obsessed. Please don’t let her see your bracelet or she’ll be dying to get her hands on that next!

    Love you to pieces and hope you enjoy every second of your Golden Birthday weekend!

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