Goodbye 30, Hello 31

It’s hard to believe that I turned 21 almost 10 years ago.  Where does time go?

On Sunday I will say “hello” to my 31st year of life by spending the day with my favorite husband and bubbles.  Because you know what?  I’m excited about 31 and 31 is something to celebrate.

In fact, I think 31 will be way better than 21.

The past year has been full of moments worth remembering.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

 I will always cherish this weekend that was full of a best friend that lives states away, baby snuggles, laughing, three card and champs.

Watching my little brother marry his one love.

Spending holidays with my “new” family.

Celebrating our first “married” Christmas.

And hosting Supper Club.

Learning to love red wine.

Traveling to Hawaii to see our best friends get married.

Celebrating even the smallest moments in life.

Participating in (and completing) a Green Smoothie Challenge.

Hosting a luau party at our house.

Chopping my hair.

Watching Haines go from being a baby to a little girl.

Celebrating our one year anniversary.

Derby Day with the best of friends.

Spending weekends with this guy…anywhere.

Sushi Dates.  (at least 12 times)

Learning what a real friend is and celebrating those friends.

Getting “liked” by Cooking Light.

A spontaneous weekend in Savannah that remains the highlight of my 2014 summer.

And summer nights I never wanted to end.

I cannot wait to see what’s in store for 31.


10 thoughts on “Goodbye 30, Hello 31

  1. We celebrate everyday that you are in our lives!! Having you as a “daughter”-in-law is a blessing. I enjoy celebrating each day with your blog. We hope that this year will be the best ever!! Love you!

    • And I wish I could have another pool party at Country Haven and we could eat pizza and a cake that Momma decorated . Or one of the best birthdays was going to the beauty shop and getting fancy. Love you, Mags!!!!! Love growing “older” with you.

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