Friday Favorites.

It’s kind of hard not to be happy when it’s Friday and the weekend is oh-so-close.  But it’s true, we can decide whether we want to be happy or not no matter the situation.  This week has been quite the blur at work so I’m more than ready for a couple of days with Big Guy.  It’s my last weekend of summer so I plan on making it low-key yet full of sunshine and fun.  Here are a few of my favorites this week:

Favorite Getaway:  How gorgeous is this view?  Wine country is way up on the top of my “Places to Visit” list and this only makes me want to visit more.

Favorite Spoonful:  Double Dough Icecream.   I’m really at a loss of words right now.  Brown sugar vanilla ice cream + cookie dough = insanity.


Favorite Slice:  Fig, Jalapeno Jam and Blue Cheese Pizza.  If I only could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be pizza.  And I’m a sucker for odd pizza topper combinations.  This combination intrigues me.

Favorite Sweet:  Almond Joy Candy Cakes.  Almond Joy is one of my all-time favorite treats.  How could I not want a bite of my favorite candy bar transformed into a cake?


Favorite Summer:  I kind of want to start a Summer Bucket List for next year and add “throw an end-of-summer rosé garden party” at the top.


Favorite Date Night:  Gouda Grits with Smoky Brown Butter Shrimp.  Yes, please.


Favorite Bite:  Baked Fig, Bacon, Blue Cheese and Pecan Bruschetta.  These and a bottle of wine.  That is all.


Favorite Sip:  Zinfandel Grape, Rosemary and Gin Crush.  Who knew that this would be the summer that I would fall in love with red wine and gin?  And how beautiful is this cocktail?


Cheers!  It’s Friday.



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