Coconut Chicken Strips

It’s no surprise that I love to Instagram my food and drinks.  But sometimes dinner is not what I consider “Instagram-worthy.”  Or perhaps I have posted too many pictures for one day (there’s usually a one-picture limit during the week) and it never makes it to my Instagram feed.

But honestly, that’s okay.  Everyone doesn’t need to know every detail of my diet (like when I ran out of coffee beans on Monday and I had to run into Dunkin’ for a cup).  Though I like to believe that everyone is interested in every detail of my diet.

This particular dinner wasn’t anything special.  Or beautiful and glamorous.

But it was delicious.  And filling.

And I was completely satisfied with my Coconut Chicken Strips despite the fact that I didn’t Instagram.  And I must admit, I kind of felt like a kid eating these chicken tenders.

The recipe is simple and comes together in under 30 minutes.  So it’s perfect for a weeknight.

The chicken tenders are sprinkled with salt and pepper and then simply dredged in the flour (I used an all-purpose gluten-free blend), then dipped in egg, then dredged in a mixture of panko (I used a gluten-free brand) and coconut.

Bake for 6-8 minutes per side and serve with your choice of dippings (I know, it’s not a word).


I served our tenders with leftover dressing from the weekend and the remaining homemade ketchup.

I don’t think I’ve ever made true chicken tenders from scratch but they hit the spot.

Sometimes you don’t want to be fancy.

And sometimes, it’s okay not to Instagram your dinner.



2 thoughts on “Coconut Chicken Strips

  1. Although you know I LOVE seeing what you’re eating for dinner, I absolutely agree with you on the concept of not everything is worthy of an Instagram post.

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