BLT Pizza {grilled romaine with creamy maple dijon dressing}

Mondays can be so depressing.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my job but seriously, weekends are the best.  And it’s kind of sad when really fantastic weekends have to come to an end.  This weekend was one of those fantastic weekends that I didn’t want to end.

Friday night was an easy night in for us.  After a whirlwind week, I wanted nothing more than to throw off my shoes, whip up a pizza and catch up with Big Guy over a {big} glass of red wine.

To start, we had grilled romaine salads that were topped with frizzled red onion and sauteed garlic.  For grilled romaine, simple halve the head of romaine, lightly drizzle with EVOO and sprinkle on some salt and pepper. Grill until wilted and slightly charred.

more grilled

And while the grilled romaine is usually the star of the show, on Friday it was all about the maple dijon dressing.   Sweet, tangy and smooth this is one of the best dressing recipes I’ve made.  I loved that it was a Greek yogurt based dressing as opposed to mayo.  Rich and creamy.

grilled romaine

By the way, the BLT pizza was “L”-less.  But since we had the “L” on the side, I didn’t take it out of the name.  For the pizza, simply roast tomatoes with fresh oregano and pepper for about 20 minutes.  While the tomatoes roast, cook up a few slices of bacon.  The sauce for this pizza was a mayo-based sauce.  And while that might scare you, I promise it doesn’t taste like mayonnaise is on your pizza.  The sauce actually melts into the crust and just makes it incredibly delicious.  The pizza is also topped with the roasted tomatoes, bacon and finally the mozzarella.

A perfect Friday night.




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