Salad in a Jar {quinoa-arugula layered salad}

If you typically pack your lunch for work – you’re going to love this recipe.

salad in a jar


I actually made the salad for dinner on Tuesday night but the remaining two jars were perfect to pack for lunch the rest of the week.

This would also be a great salad to pack on a picnic because you simply shake and eat out of the jar.

To start, prep your quinoa.  Simply heat up a little olive oil and then toast your quinoa before adding chicken broth.  You can use water but chicken broth (or any broth) adds so much flavor to the quinoa.

Once cooked, allow the quinoa to cool.  If you assemble the jars while the quinoa is hot, the heat from the quinoa will wilt your veggies.

While the quinoa cools, make your dressing.  The dressing is a simple combination of olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, garlic and salt.  Whisk together and then add about a tablespoon to the bottom of each jar.

Then simply layer in the ingredients:

Spicy arugula
Nutty quinoa
Cool cucumber
Bright red onion
Garden fresh tomatoes


Portable, healthy and full of flavor.

Totally lunchbox worthy.



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