Blackberry and Sage Refresher plus Roasted Tomato and Sweet Onion Dip {sip and indulge}

This past weekend was as relaxing as they come.

And since it’s Monday and none of us would have complained if we were told to stay home from work, I have a cocktail for you.  And an appetizer.

So let’s sip and indulge and pretend that it’s Saturday all over again.


Blackberry and Sage Refresher is just that:  refreshing.  A sage simple syrup is made with equal parts sugar and water.  Once all the sugar is dissolved, add in sage and allow to seep for a couple of hours.  (just a note – I would use less simple syrup next time; it was a tad sweet.)

Sage simple syrup
St. Germain
Lemon juice

It’s cocktail time!

We walked down to the beach, cocktails in hand, and it was absolute perfection.  A cool breeze, salty air and a sweet cocktail.

And while we’re sippin’, let’s indulge in Roasted Tomato and Sweet Onion Dip.  What isn’t to look about a cheesy dip topped with homegrown tomatoes that are cooked until their bursting?

sweet onion tomato

This dip is in no way healthy.  Well, except for the tomatoes.  But it’s unbelievable delicious.  We were so eager to dig in, we burnt our mouths.  Twice.

Oh, take me back to the beach.



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