Date Night at SoCo

Date nights are my favorite.  While I typically favor a weekend date night, I will never turn down a date night.  So when Big Guy offered to take me to SoCo last Thursday night, I couldn’t say no.


Any date night is a reason to celebrate so I started with a glass of bubbles.

Big Guy convinced me to do the wine pairings with my courses and they happily subbed in the Cava for the pairing that was originally intended to go with the salad.


SALAD:  Roasted Homegrown Spaghetti Squash with salt-cured olives, Holly Grove goat cheese, pecans and herb vinaigrette

This is the best spaghetti squash I’ve ever tasted and I can’t wait to recreate this salad at home.  The olives were the perfect salty component and the herb vinaigrette was bursting with fresh flavor.  Absolutely delicious and quite possibly my favorite dish of the night.


And then the wine started coming…

Kimberly, the Chef’s wife and co-owner of the restaurant, is absolutely brilliant at pairing wines with food.  There is not one pairing that I didn’t like over the course of the meal.  Some pairings were quite unexpected and I loved that.  Wine and food belong together.


SECOND:  Roasted Homegrown Patty Pan Squash with Hen of the Woods mushrooms, rosemary-goat cheese, and sunflower kernels

I adore the fact that so much of their food is sourced from their garden.  It’s so cool to know that the Chef is preparing a meal with the food that is growing feet away from the kitchen.  The rosemary-goat cheese sauce was stunning and I could have eaten the mushrooms all night long.

Big Guy ordered the pork belly dish and it was the favorite of the two.  But honestly, does bacon ever lose?


ENTREE:  NC Grouper with tomato purée and garlic & herb homegrown potatoes

Such a surprising presentation of grouper.  The tomato puree tasted amazing and I’m fairly certain that is because the tomatoes were grown on the property and were probably harvested that day.

But I can’t lie – Big Guy’s venison meatloaf was the favorite of the entree dishes.  By far the best meatloaf I’ve ever tasted.


SWEETNESS:  Homegrown Blueberry Trifle, with cantaloupe purée, lemon whip and cornflake crisp

My favorite part of this dessert – the cantaloupe puree.  It was totally unexpected but totally perfect.  It was as if cantaloupe was meant to go with blueberries.  This was a summer dessert from the first bite to the last bite.


Thank you, SoCo, for another amazing meal.  Each visit is a new experience that I talk about for days.  I can’t wait to return again.


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