Wine Wednesday {Club W}

Today’s my Friday.  So it’s appropriate that I share with you my newest wine find: Club W.

Curated Selection.

Personalized Recommendations.

Monthly delivery.

So how does it work?

First you’ll answer 6 questions about flavors that you like so that Club W can get a sense of what wines you might enjoy.  This is your palate profile.

Once they have your palate profile, Club W will recommend wines from their curated selection.

You can select the ones they’ve recommended or you can pick from the wines that are available.

Once you’ve made your selection, the wines are delivered to your door monthly.

club w


Each month you’ll receive new recommendations from Club W based on your palate profile, so no shipment is the same.

I receive 2 whites and 1 red each month.  But you can change that based on your preference.

You can also skip a month at any time and you can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked.

I decided to join Club W because it is the most affordable way to try wines via an online wine club that I’ve come across.  Typically wine clubs can be super expensive and you don’t even know if you’ll like the wine.

At $13 a bottle, I am not risking much when I select wine that I’ve never tried.

And the best part – once you receive the wine, you can have a mini-lesson on wine by watching a short clip on the flavor notes and what foods would pair well with the bottle of wine.

It’s a great way to learn about wine in your own home.

The above photo is my second wine box.  The riesling and the rose will be enjoyed over the holiday weekend with friends and the Butcherblock bottle is just for Big Guy and me.  The Butcherbox was actually in our first order and we both loved it so we ordered it again while it’s still in stock.

Here’s the link to try it for yourself:  Club W. 



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