Weekend Review. {double date and Lilly}

I literally shed a tear yesterday morning when my Momma and Dad drove away.


It’s time to plan our next reunion, I suppose.

But this past weekend was just what I needed.

On Friday night, we took my parents to On The Square for dinner.

I ordered the Hold the Phone cocktail to start.  I had this same drink a few weeks back but it was so much better this time around.

Cardamaro, Fresh Basil, Lemon, Canton Ginger Liqueur, Bubbly

Momma took a sip of mine and then ordered her own – that means it was really good.

Refreshing and not overpowering at all.

To start, I tried the Picked Cabbage and Arugula Salad.  It was a “new” menu item this week.  The acidity was balanced out with the cheese and I enjoyed the brininess of the cabbage.

Artisanal Cheese, Micro Basil, Champagne Vinaigrette

The rest of the table ordered the grilled romaine salad which is always delicious.

For my main dish, the Grilled Escolar.

I am SO glad I ordered this plate.

Warm Tortilla Salad, Lime Crema, Blueberry Pico de Gallo

Though Momma and Dad had been with us to OTS before, I think they enjoyed themselves even more this time around.

With full bellies, we headed home.

On Saturday morning, the guys went to play a round of golf and Momma and I headed out for some errands.  We hit up the Farmers Market and I snagged some corn for dinner and some salad greens for the week.

We had all intentions of catching some rays at the pool but the weather was so weird.

So we showered up and headed to eat lunch with the guys.

Marlo and Garrett joined us for lunch.

We celebrated National Wear Your Lilly Day with a glass of prosecco!

The rest of the day was spent soaking up precious time with my parents.

I’ll share our delicious burger dinner later in the week.

And I think we can all agree on this:


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