Eating / Sushi!  We’re obsessed.  This past Sunday we headed to Mura (again) and tried four new rolls.  I was in sushi heaven.

Drinking / Bubbles.  Always and forever.  But I’m trying to experiment with gin and make use of all our fresh herbs in cocktails this summer.

experimenting with gin

Practicing / My golf swing.  No, seriously!  Last night was the first GNO (girls night out) Golf Social at the Country Club.  I had an absolute blast and I can’t wait to hit a few more balls.

Mastering / Curling my hair!  Y’all, I’m getting good at it.

Learning / All about gardening.  In fact, we released 1,500 ladybugs into the garden on Tuesday night in hopes to save our okra.  Big Guy taught me all about the life cycle of ladybugs.  Fun fact:  Ladybugs live 1-3 years.  Way more than I ever imagined.

Trying / To live for the moment and cherish every moment of every day with the ones I love.

Playing / Country music all summer long!  It’s my favorite.

Finishing / Currently, my coffee.

Reading / Wild and Ladies’ Night.  I am almost finished with Ladies’ Night and it’s such a great read (and easy, too!).  Wild is taking me a little longer but I want to read it before the movie comes out.

Remembering / Everyone has their struggles and we all need grace.

Wearing / Lilly!  And it’s National Wear Your Lilly Day on Saturday – so you should wear some, too.  And sunscreen.  Always.

Cooking / Zucchini!  We’ve got zucchini coming out of our ears!  I can’t wait to cook with the rest of our homegrown produce.

lasagna 2

Working / On checking items off the Summer Bucket List!  In fact, it’s hanging on the refrigerator so that I can’t forget.

Traveling / No where this weekend!  But I have a few upcoming beach weekends in the works.  It’s my happy place.

Wanting / Exactly what I have.  I am so blessed and have more than I could ever want in life.  So I want to appreciate it all.  (but a glass of bubbles after work will be fantastic.)

i stole this idea from jessica because i like lists.  and this was a fun list.


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