Nectarine, Blueberry and Basil Crisp

Summer officially starts on Saturday (though it unofficially started about a month ago in my little world).  Despite my love for springtime temperatures, I’m in love with summertime.  Sweet, sweet summertime.

Fresh fruit is one of the best ways to welcome summer.



Trader Joes had boxes of nectarines for $5.99 and I just couldn’t resist.  They smelled so juicy, sweet.

The original recipe called for peaches but ain’t nobody got time to peel peaches.

And what makes this crisp insanely special is the addition of basil.

Don’t ask questions.

Just do it.

It adds pop of freshness and it’s by no-means overpowering.


But let’s be honest.  My favorite part of a crisp is the actual “crisp” portion.

Oats, brown sugar, (gluten-free) all-purpose flour, cinnamon, salt and butter make this more than just fruit.

It makes this dessert.

The crisp is baked until the fruit bubbles and the top is browned.

Then…THEN you must add a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream to the top of the warm blueberries and peaches that are bursting with summertime flavors.

This is summer.

And I’ll take it.

98 degrees of it.


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