Fried Brown Rice with Shrimp and Snap Peas

I’m typically not a fan of using precooked rice.  I mean, cooking rice isn’t that difficult.  And it’s so much cheaper to buy it and cook it yourself.  But last night, precooked rice came in handy.  I ended up working later than I thought I would but thanks to my menu-planning dinner didn’t take long at all to throw together.

The key to making Fried Brown Rice with Shrimp and Snap Peas is to prep ALL your ingredients before you put anything into the hot wok.  Despite cooking a lot of things separate in the wok, there’s still minimal clean-up.

The shrimp are cooked and then tossed in a mixture tamari (or soy sauce), honey and chile garlic sauce.   Then the eggs are cooked and set to the side.

The rice is then “fried” for a few minutes in peanut oil before being added to the shrimp mixture.

The snap peas, garlic and peanuts are then stir-fried before adding back the shrimp and rice along with the eggs to warm it all up.

My favorite part of this dish was that the peanuts were cooked and not simply sprinkled on top in their “original” form.  The peas were cooked until crisp-tender so they still provided lots of crunch to the dish.

I ended up adding some sriracha to the top for a little extra kick – totally optional.

Quicker than take-out.

Healthier than take-out.



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