WIAT {what i ate tuesday}

A lot of bloggers out there particpate in WIAW {what I ate Wednesday}.  It’s become quite popular and some weeks they add a fun twist to things.  See the post linked up for more details.

Anyways, eats this week have been a lot of leftovers.  I don’t let food go to waste and I love leftovers.  So hence, not a lot of original cooking and/or recipe following has been happening the past few days.

But I think it’s fun to see what people eat for an entire day.  I’m a curious soul.  So I thought I’d share WIAW {except it’s what I ate on Tuesday}.



6:45am – Coffee

Many folks are surprised that I don’t eat anything before my morning workouts.  Honestly, I don’t think my stomach wakes up until halfway through my 5am workout.

I always drink water though during my workout (and throughout the day).  When I get home from the gym, I head straight for the Breville and get a fresh pot brewing.  (The only reason coffee maker is worth that much is because it grinds fresh beans every single morning.)

Once showered, I enjoy about half a mug of coffee (with this coconut milk creamer) while I’m getting ready.

Once dressed and ready for the day I am starving.  There is no way I could ever skip breakfast.

7:15am – Yogurt Bowl

This particular breakfast is simple but delicious and full of healthy protein and fat.

In the bowl, Siggi’s Plain Yogurt (my new favorite yogurt), Nature Path Gluten-Free cereal and a generous tablespoon of Trader Joe’s almond butter (the best!).

Siggi’s is the thickest and tastiest yogurt on the planet.  Yes, better than Fage.  And it has a lot less sugar than most high-protein yogurts.

Almost every morning includes nut butter of some sort.  It’s necessary.

Once at work, I sip a large cup of coffee and that’s all the caffeine I have for the day.

11:50am - Snack Plate Lunch

11:50am – Snack Plate Lunch

I typically pack my lunch for work.  Most days it’s a salad but some days it’s a snack plate like the one I had Tuesday.

I like to eat lots of food so crunchy vegetables fit the bill.

Protein, fat and carbs.

It’ll keep me full until snack time.

2:45pm - Snack

2:45pm – Snack

Why yes, I am like a three year old.

I require an afternoon snack.  Snacks vary but it’s often carrots and almond butter.

Today it’s a QuestBar for some added protein and fiber.

Like I mentioned earlier, I drink water constantly.  I try to drink at least 3 of the above bottles during the work day.

6:15pm – simple spring salad

No recipe needed for this dinner.  I simply used what I had in the fridge.

Bed of lettuce

Leftover shrimp

Fresh, ripe strawberries

Buttery avocado

Fig balsamic vineger

Extra Virgin Olive Oil



The kitchen is officially closed.


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