Chipotle Lime Shrimp Tacos with Strawberry Salsa {plus margaritas}

This past Saturday we had our first guests in what seems likes forever!  I love entertaining and for some reason I often entertain with Mexican food.  It’s just so delicious and a lot of the planning is done for you.  When you serve Mexican food guacamole is an obvious appetizer along with margaritas.  My in-laws aren’t picky eaters so I knew that I could get away with just about anything.

First up, margaritas!  I made them two ways:  a basic, but delicious margarita and a Sage and Blackberry Margarita.  I was torn between so many margarita recipes on Pinterest but I ultimately decided on the sage and blackberry ‘rita because we have sage growing in the garden.

The recipe was actually quite strong and I would recommend using only 1 or 2 ounce of tequila.  I love a good margarita.  The blackberries were so juicy and plump and were a great addition to the glass.  Blackberry and sage margaritas like a sugar rim while the “regular” margaritas pair better with salt.

Along with the margaritas, the best guacamole ever!  

And for dinner, Chipotle Lime Shrimp Tacos with Strawberry Salsa.  This recipe is perfect for strawberry season.  Thankfully the strawberries this year are so much better than last year.  In fact, Big Guy and his parents went to get freshly picked strawberries from a local strawberry farm (Strawberry City in Nashville, NC) on Saturday morning while I was volunteering.

So ripe and juicy.

The shrimp marinated for about 30 minutes before grilling to perfection.  Plump and succulent.

The tacos were topped with the salsa that I could have eaten by the spoonful and cotija cheese.  The recipe called for queso fresco but I find cotija is much more flavorful.  The cheese added a perfect amount of creaminess and saltiness to the mix.

And while the food was amazing the company was even better.  It was nice to catch-up with the in-laws without having interruptions or other places to be.

Who’s coming to visit next?  


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