Weekend Review {Friday blooms, cocktails and delicious eats}

What a fun and rewarding weekend.  Like I mentioned Friday, I knew that the weekend was going to be jam-packed.  But with all good stuff.  Here’s some highlights from the past few days:

White tulips make me happy.  Especially on a Friday afternoon when there’s lots of sunshine.

Cocktail hour on the patio with Big Guy.  A champagne cocktail for her (bubbles, St. Germain and sliced strawberries) with a side of more beautiful blooms.

It was such a lovely evening.  We spent a couple of hours just chatting outside and it was glorious.

Friday night’s dinner was one of the best meals to ever come out of my kitchen.  The wine we opened was the Alexander’s Crown from wine club a month or so ago that we purchased.  For supper club it was paired with a lamb dish and I played it safe by pairing it with a lamb dish, too.  The lamb shanks practically melt after being braised in diced tomatoes and red wine.  It’s a super simple recipe but the key is to use quality lamb shanks (ours were from Whole Foods) and a high quality wine.  A stunning dish.

On Saturday morning I was up early to do some volunteering before Big Guy’s Mom arrived in town.  I’ll give you recap of those delicious eats tomorrow.

It was a wonderful visit and I am glad I got to spend Mother’s Day with a special lady and Butch.

Though I missed my Momma and the rest of the Bell family tremendously.

Thankfully I will get to see her in a few short weeks.

We ended the weekend on a delicious note.  We had some leftover lamb from Friday night so we used it as a pizza topper.  We kept the rest of the toppings simple so that the flavor of the lamb could shine.  Cotija cheese (leftover from Saturday) was sprinkled over the lamb before it hit the grill to warm through.  On top, fresh from the garden mint and parsley for a pop of brightness.

There are few things in life that make me happier than pizza.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


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