Steak and Asparagus Stir-Fry

If there are two foods that Big Guy loves it would be asparagus and beef.  Combine them both in an Asian-inspired stir-fry and he’s an even happier man.

Spring is finally here (on the verge of summer with these 90 degree temps) and the asparagus is looking better than ever.

The key to a successful stir-fry is making sure everything, I mean everything, is prepped before you ever get your wok heated.  The one thing I did start cooking before I started the stir-fry was the jasmine rice because I knew it would take 30 minutes.

I cut the asparagus and the red bell pepper along with the green onions and then prepared the “sauce.”

The steak is sliced thin and I found that letting it hang out in the freezer for about 15 minutes made slicing so much easier.

The stir-fry comes together in a flash and smells amazing.  The only changes I made were using fish sauce instead of oyster sauce and subbing in tamari for the soy sauce.  If you like a little more heat, add more red pepper flakes.

The rice was perfectly sticky (I like sticky rice for a stir-fry) and was a great base for the beef and vegetables.

Because of the short cooking time at such a high heat, the veggies were crisp-tender and their flavors still stole the show.

Beef on a weeknight.

I must want something.


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