Chicken Thighs with Cilantro Sauce {citrusy carrots on the side}

You really can’t go wrong with chicken thighs.

1.  They cook fast.

2.  They’re full of flavor.

3.  It’s hard to overcook them.

4.  They’re cheaper than chicken breasts.

I’ve found that the best boneless, skinless chicken thighs at Trader Joes.  I try and buy multiple packs every time I visit so that I can have them in the freezer whenever I’m ready to cook chicken thighs.

Since it was such a beautiful night, Big Guy fired up the grill to cook the chicken, but you could totally use a skillet or an inside grill pan.  Either way, simple season with salt and cook.

I made the sauce using my mini food processor.  While I have a mortar and pestle, I was a little concerned that I would achieve the desired consistency using that kitchen tool.

In the sauce:  cilantro (duh), onion (instead of shallot), 3 garlic cloves (we love garlic), sesame oil, tamari (gluten-free soy sauce), Sriracha, and lime zest.

chicken 001

The sauce reminded me of a pesto.  Minus the cheese.  This sauce took basic chicken thighs to a whole new level.  The chicken was cooked perfectly (thanks, Big Guy) and the sauce added an explosion of flavor.  I loved the combination of sesame oil with cilantro.  Killer.

On the side, citrusy carrots with parsley.  Carrots are typically part of my afternoon snack but I do adore cooked carrots.  If you don’t think you like cooked carrots, try them cooking them with this recipe.

The carrots are simmered in a mixture of fresh orange juice, water and honey.  Once cooked until fork-tender, they are tossed with salt, pepper, a little bit of butter and fresh parsley.

chicken 003

A bright flavored dinner, indeed.



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