Weekend Review {Easter Weekend}

This past weekend was exactly what I wanted.  Family.  Delicious food.  Relaxation.

On Friday Big Guy and I had a lunch date in Wilmington at Hops Supply Co.  I was impressed from the beginning of the meal.  Salty Dog for him, Strawberry Mojito for me.

The drinks were made with REAL fruit and juice (which is the only way it should be) and hit the spot.

Not only were the drinks fantastic and the service spot-on, the food was delicious.  I ordered the Black and Blue Steak Salad which was loaded with flavor.  Instead of the blue cheese I went with goat cheese.  The steak was cooked perfectly (medium-rare) and the flavors were incredible.  Big Guy ordered the Hopsco Burger and he left a happy man.  I would totally recommend this restaurant if you’re in the Wilmington area.  Ninety perfect of the menu is made in house and they source locally, when possible.

Friday afternoon we spent time with my family and our sweet niece.  Despite her energy-filled spirit, she sometimes slows down.  Sometimes.

Regardless, any moment with her is precious.

Because Easter Monday isn’t considered a holiday any more, most of us have to leave town on Sunday.  So we enjoyed Easter dinner on Saturday at my grandparents house.

I can’t believe we’ve spent 6 Easter weekends together.

And it isn’t Easter without egg dying.

The final product.

Easter Sunday was spent soaking up as much time with family before it was time to head home.

Happy Monday!

p.s. Waterlogue is my new favorite app.


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