Insta-Lately {Siggi’s, PBJ, #tbt, most “likes” ever}

This might be one of the most random Insta-Lately posts ever.  But I’m going to roll with that.  Because it’s Friday.  And I haven’t wanted to see Friday this bad since last Thursday.  (wink wink)

I’ll be back on Monday with a recap of my weekend.


Seriously thick.  Seriously tasty.  I need to find more.

April 2nd was National PB&J Day.  Naturally I had to participate.

Probably one of the best #tbt pictures I’ll ever post.  Absolutely hilarious.  And slightly awkward.

On Monday I did something I’ve talked about for years – I cute more than 2 inches off my hair.

I’m guessing she chopped off about 6-7 inches and I’m obsessed with my new ‘do.

Little did I know that a requested selfie would generate so many “likes.”  In fact, it was a record for me.

Big Guy was jealous.

Especially since he gets his hair cut every 2 weeks.

The past Wednesday I had a sushi and bubbles date with one of my favorites.

It was a wonderful evening and the night solidified why gal pals are so important.

Happy Friday!  And enjoy your weekend.



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