Top 5 Blogs of the Moment{april 2014}

I’ve been reading blogs for years.  And over the years my reasons for liking blogs have changed.  Some bloggers walk away from blogging and sometime I have my own personal “break-up” with a blog.

Today I thought I’d share with you my top 5 blogs of the moment.  These aren’t the only blogs that I read on a regular basis by any means, but most of these blogs are ones that I refer to regularly for recipe ideas.


photo from How Sweet It Is

Blog:  How Sweet It Is

Not only do I love following Jessica’s instagram feed but I also adore her blog.  In fact, I found her instagram through her blog.  She has the most enticing recipes.

But what I really love is her writing style.  And that she’s honest.  You will find me cooking recipes from her blog pretty much on a weekly basis.

One of my favorite recipes, the beef ribs we made last weekend.

photo from Iowa Girl Eats

Blog:  Iowa Girl Eats

What’s not to love about Kristin?  I think that we share the same food philosophy when it comes to moderation.

Her recipes are husband-approved without sacrificing your waistline.  Kristin is where I “stole” the idea of sharing Pinterest finds on Friday Favorites.

p.s. She has the most precious baby boy!

photo from Kath Eats Real Food

Blog:  Kath Eats Real Food

KERF was one of the first blogs that I started reading.  She lived in North Carolina for a while and I think that is what first drew me in.

Her blog style has changed over the years but I’ve kind of “matured” with her along her journey.

I go to her blog less for recipes but more for nutritional information (she’s a dietitian)  and breakfast ideas.  Her breakfast always make me jealous.

Her blog makes me want to move to Charlottesville for the restaurant-scene.

photo from Minimalist Baker

Blog:  Minimalist Baker

I found Dana’s blog via Pinterest.  She’s also one of my favorite people on Instagram.  Her pictures are gorgeous.

I’ve made a few of her recipes recently, including the gluten-free banana bread for my 1,000th post.

One thing I really love about her recipes, they include the nutritional value.


photo from SkinnyTaste

Blog:  SkinnyTaste

Besides Cooking Light, this is one of my favorite places to find weeknight dinners.  I love that she lists the nutritional value.

Her cookbook comes out soon and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  I would recommend this blog to any person – regardless of your kitchen skills.

What is one of your favorite blogs?


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