My Five Favorite Pins of the Week {3.28.14}

Can we first talk about how it’s the last weekend in March?  Crazy talk.  But perhaps that means warmer weather is near.  I just can’t take any more 30 degree days.

Here are some of my favorite pins of the week.

I love all holidays.  I’m a product of my mother.  But I adore dying Easter eggs.  Here are some creative ways to make Easter egg dying a little more fun this year.

We’re having Mexican date night on Saturday evening.  Big Guy picked up some short ribs at Whole Foods and I plan on making short rib tacos.

To go along with our dinner, grapefruit margaritas.  I’m thinking about making them spicy or adding some ginger for a twist on a classic.

I mentioned deviled eggs earlier in the week.  But I really think I could change Big Guy’s taste buds with bacon and blue cheese.  

How charming is this house?  I love everything from the black front door and shutters to the American flag.

I’m getting my hair done next Friday.  And I think I might cut off more than 1-inch.  I’m nervous.  And scared.  But it’s just hair.  Right?

Happy Friday!!!


4 thoughts on “My Five Favorite Pins of the Week {3.28.14}

  1. Your hair would look awesome a little bit shorter! Live a little! You would look beautiful even if you Bic’d it for St. Baldric’s Day!

  2. I’m Cutting my Red Locks mid-April …. Spring/Summer is a Great Time for a shorter hair. Look at a New Look as Exciting rather than scary.. It’s Cooler and More Gym Friendly as long as you can still make a pony tail (I’m currently having to wear 2 to hold my massive mane) … Just don’t pull a Steel Magnolia Moment and go Pixie Short!! 🙂

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