Banana Bread {my 1,000th post}

What’s your earliest memories of being in the kitchen?

I remember my Daddy being the supreme pancake maker on the weekends.  Oh, and he was the master of the grilled cheese.  Perhaps it was just he loved using the griddle.

And I remember my Momma always having a plan for dinner when I was growing up.

But the first memory I have of standing in a chair in the kitchen with a spoon in a bowl is when I was helping Momma make banana bread.

My Momma is famous for her banana bread.  It’s sweet and moist and full of coconut and pecans.  To this day, it’s her signature baked good to give to others at Christmas.

And let’s not forget how amazing the house smells while it’s baking.

I realized last week that I was coming up on my 1,000th post.  And I wanted my 1,000th post to have meaning behind it.  I know that I have about ten readers but that’s who I have in mind when I write every single post.  My family.  My closest friends.  Those are who matter.  I simply want to share the recipes I try, take you along on my adventures in the kitchen and quite possibly make you want to try a new restaurant.  That’s all I’m here to do.

I had two recipes in mind and I decided I would figure it out on Sunday night.  Well, Sunday night rolled around and we had just gotten home from a weekend in Charlotte with my parents.

And what do you know – there were three ripe bananas waiting for me.  They were destined for banana bread.

But I also wanted my 1,000th post to portray me and my journey on this little blog.  Several years ago I went “gluten-free” to try and rid myself of tummy troubles.  For the most part, it’s worked.  (Honestly, I think most of my tummy issues are anxiety-related, but that’s a whole different ballgame.)  I eat gluten-free 90% of the time and it makes me feel better, a little lighter.  I don’t eat gluten-free if I’m out on the town trying a new restaurant or on a tropical island – those are worth the splurge.

Instead of making my Momma’s famous banana bread (which is totally worth the splurge come December) I decided to try a one-bowl gluten-free banana bread recipe that I saw last week on one of my favorite blogs.  Despite being gluten-free, it doesn’t have any weird ingredients.  It’s a simple mix of gluten-free flours including an all-purpose gluten-free flour mix, almond meal and oats.  Mixed with bananas, coconut oil, an egg, sugar, cinnamon and a few other ingredients, it’s a rather simple recipe.

The coconut oil gave it the slightest coconut flavor and the almond meal gave it the nuttiness that I love so much in my Momma’s banana bread.

In no way does this recipe replace my Momma’s.  But it’s a healthier version that I don’t feel guilty about eating for breakfast on a Tuesday.

I warmed my slice in the microwave and the smell took me back to being a kid, standing on a chair in the kitchen, trying to follow Momma’s directions exactly so that the muffins would turn out perfectly.

If you’ve been reading the blog from the beginning, thank you!  I hope to have 1,000 more posts to share with you.


3 thoughts on “Banana Bread {my 1,000th post}

  1. I haven’t been reading your blog since the first post; however, I have loved following your amazing cooking habits for at least the past three years! It’s the first blog I read every morning and I honestly get sad when I don’t see a new post. Keep it up friend for a thousand more posts because you’ve got a fan in me! Love you friend!

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