Insta-Lately {Pilates, cocktails, finishing touches and hot oats}

It’s the last day of winter.  And I hope that this cold, dreary weather leaves for good.  It’s just not goo for the soul.

But something that is good for the soul:


Wednesday mornings I take a Pilates class.  And while I wasn’t very into the class several years ago, I’ve grown to love it these days.  It’s one hour in the week that I get to stretch and clear my mind.

Something else that’s good for the soul?  Champagne Cocktails.  Maybe good for the soul is pushing it.  But at the end of the week it’s a nice way to wind down.

Ginger liqueur  and St. Germain

Please add both of these bottles to your bar.  They can turn a glass of champagne into something fabulous.  Well, champagne is fabulous anyway you drink it.

Just add champs.

Last Friday night I sipped on a cocktail made with St. Germain, Pom juice and topped with champagne.  And on Saturday night I took the ginger  liqueur and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice to a friends house to make Grapefruit and Ginger Sparklers.  Quite possibly my new favorite cocktail.

My “big girl” Master Bedroom is finally complete!  We had our invitation turned into a painting and we finally got it back from the framer.  I am in love.

painting by Charlotte’s/framing by Michaels

On Saturday evening we hosted/attended an engagement party (stock-the-bar party) for some friends.  It was a fabulous time had by all.

Lovely Ladies

Today I celebrated the last day of winter with hot oatmeal.  Hot oats isn’t something I crave in the summertime, so I’m getting them in while the weather is fitting.  My oatmeal method for this bowl:  1/3 cup oats soaked in 2/3 cup water and a pinch of salt while I showered and fixed my hair.  I turned the heat to medium-low about 10 minutes before I was done getting ready.  Before eating, I stirred in 1 egg white and let that cook into the mix.  Everything was topped with 1 tablespoon of drippy Trader Joe’s peanut butter (the best!).  A delicious way to start the morning.  (I must note, I had some green juice before this bowl of oats, hence the lower calorie bowl of oats).

hot oats, cold morning


Happy Wednesday, y’all!


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