Balsamic and Grape Quinoa

I have a feeling this will be the last quinoa recipe for a while.

I think Big Guy is burnt out on quinoa.

But I tried to switch things up a bit and went with red quinoa.  I have never cooked or tasted red quinoa and was surprised at the difference from the regular quinoa I know and love.

The texture I think is the main difference and probably why it wasn’t Big Guy’s favorite.  It was very course and didn’t soften as much when cooked.

I used to red quinoa to make Balsamic and Grape Quinoa.  

burger 001


Along with quinoa and grapes, the salad has parsley, salt, EVOO and balsamic vinegar mixed in.

One way I used up the leftovers was by mixing the original quinoa salad with some chickpeas for added protein.

And on the side, Big Guy’s favorite mustard-braised brussels.  

I think the brussels made up for the quinoa.

At least I hope so.



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