Four Citrus-Herb Chicken

This may be one of my top chicken recipes to date.

chicken 025


The recipe starts with a whole chicken (I purchased the chicken at whole foods and asked the butcher to “break it down’ for me) and four pieces of citrus.

Ruby Red Grapefruit.


Cara Cara Orange.

Navel Orange.

The chicken marinates in the citrus zest, a little lime juice, a swirl of olive oil, garlic and minced jalapeno for several hours.

Might I mention, zesting and segmenting citrus makes your kitchen smell amazing.

After marinating, the chicken is seasoned with salt and pepper and broiled for 30-40 minutes (turning after 20 minutes) until cooked through and delicious.

To prep the citrus salsa, the citrus segments are mixed with lime juice, mint, red onion, salt and pepper and olive oil.

I wish I would have doubled this mix.

It’s incredible.

chicken 021



chicken 022Perfectly cooked.

chicken 023A pop of color and flavor.

chicken 024Perfect chicken dinner.





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