Rewind {the weekend}

It’s Tuesday.  The weekend is far behind us.  In fact, I’m already counting down the hours until Friday, 5pm.  But this past weekend was a good weekend.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the most important day in the world to me.  In fact, I never really liked it until Big Guy came around.  But I do like a card.  Not only did I get a card but he also came home with gorgeous flowers (I’m not a rose kind of girl) and a bottle of Dom.

I drank my fancy champs with homemade spring rolls.  This dinner was so much fun to make!

chicken 004

Ready to roll!  Inside the spring rolls, sauteed shrimp, avocado, cucumbers, bibb lettuce and cilantro.

chicken 005

We had a lot of fun putting together the rolls.

chicken 006

chicken 007

The best part of the rolls was the dipping sauce!  That’s where the flavor came from.

But I mean, pretty much anything would taste good dipped in a peanut butter sauce with ginger, garlic, lime juice, soy sauce and sriracha.

chicken 009

We enjoyed this dinner picnic-style.  Making it even more fun and different than a typical night at home.

Saturday was a fun day from beginning to end.  Lunch in Raleigh, visiting a new-to-me wine shop, grabbing a drink with friends and we finished with a shopping trip at Whole Foods.

I had a wine dinner planned for Saturday night that was inspired by a wine club dinner I attended back in January.

The dinner started with a Four-Herb Green Goddess Salad.  The flavor of the tarragon was really prominent.

For dinner, Kona Coffee Crusted Steak served over a Cauliflower Mash.  To drink, one of my absolute favorite red wines of all time: 2011 Terra d’Oro Deaver Zinfandel

And for dessert, candied bacon, blue cheese and poached vanilla apricots with a glass of the Terra d’Oro Port.

The dinner was full of conversation and laughs and was one of the most perfect Saturday night’s at home that I could imagine.

Back to day dreaming about this weekend…


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