Happy Birthday, Maggie!!!

January 31, 1987.

My sister’s birthday.

The date I received one of my greatest presents in life – a sister.

While I don’t remember the day she was born, I do know that I have more memories with her than without her.

My sister is my best friend.

I have memories of us giggling so hard in the back seat of the van on road trips that we got in trouble.

I grew up wanting to hang out with her more than my friends my own age.

She was my first roommate.

I was her maid of honor.

She was my matron of honor.

And even though she’s my little sister, I look up to her.

She’s an amazing teacher and an even more amazing Momma and wife.

She’s my favorite person to drink mimosas with on Christmas morning.

And the first person who knew Big Guy and I got engaged.

Mags, I love you more than words will ever express.  


p.s. I owe you a birthday drink.  




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