You guys.  They are calling for 6-8 inches of snow in Eastern North Carolina this week.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

I seriously need Monday and Wednesday to fly by – I have warm places to be come Thursday.

Last week I was a little under the weather.  That plus snow on the ground made for an unhappy Emily.  I drowned by sorrows in hot tea.  Lots of hot tea.

Random fact – I read that for every cup of tea you drink you reduce your risk of death by 9%.  And for every cup of coffee, 8%.  I’m going to live forever.

A tropical drink from our honeymoon.  There will be more of these come Friday.


Apparently it was the weekend of “drinks” on Instagram.  On Saturday night, I enjoyed a nice glass (or two) of a deliciously juicy Zinfandel.  My aunt and cousin were in town for the weekend visiting and I put her in charge of matching a wine with dinner.  I was serious about learning to appreciate red wine.

More on this tomorrow.  Just know it was amazing.

And finally, the end of duck hunting has arrived.  So I celebrated with a mimosa with lunch at Mandolin.  

Mandolin is Southern at its roots, but draws influences from around the world.  The food is fresh and local, the music is American, and the restaurant is home to a family with a passion for serving world class food, wine, and spirits in a soulful, comforting atmosphere.

Mandolin uses the highest quality local ingredients to create seasonal menus that represent a fresh take on Southern food. We source our meats, poultry, seafood, produce, and specialty products from a bounty of North Carolina farmers, ranchers, and artisans whenever possible.  We keep our cooking and our ambiance close to home.  At Mandolin, seasonality, sustainability, and buying local are culinary and business philosophies based on our core values of preparing the best food, using the best ingredients, supporting our local economy, and conserving our natural resources.

At lunch, I ordered the Mandolin Skillet.   However, the waitress made a mistake and brought me the omelet.

Mandolin Omelet Du Jour

Ask your Server for Today’s Selection, Served with Home Fries     10

The omelet was stuffed with kale, duck confit and mushrooms.

And Big Guy enjoyed the chicken and mac ‘n cheese.

Braised Ashley Farm Chicken Leg

Macaroni and Cheese with Country Ham and Scallions     11

The mac n’ cheese was the best part of the meal.  Cheesy and salty.  Perfection.

What were your beverages of choice this weekend?  Tea?  Red wine?  Mimosas?


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