The perfect winter salad {and the best fried chicken. ever.}

January is making me tired.  I mean, in a good way.  But there’s just a lot going on.

Over the weekend, we celebrated the “last” of Leann’s single-lady days.  We had a fantastic night in Raleigh.  An afternoon at the salon drinking champs, more champs, dinner at Bolt and then out for some fun.

On Sunday morning, we were in need of food.  And we had our sights set on one and only one place.  Beasley’s.  And how could I go to Beasley’s knowing that they’re famous for their friend chicken and not order fried chicken?

Epic.  That’s about the only word I have to describe the fried chicken.  And who in their right mind would order the white meat?  Not me.  Finger.lickin’.good.  And yes, there was a drizzle of honey on top of the fried chicken.  And now I think all fried chicken needs a drizzle of honey.

Yesterday I recovered.  I mean, I was productive on my day off – cleaned the house, ran errands but I also relaxed.  And made the perfect winter salad for dinner.

Chili-Roasted Vegetables atop a crisp bed of romaine and cilantro leaves made for an amazing combination.  I love the contrast of cold and hot on the same plate.  The acorn squash and red bell pepper slices were dusted with chili powder, salt and pepper and roasted until tender.  The salad was topped with feta cheese (love the saltiness) and a little crunch from pumpkin seeds.  The entire salad was drizzled with a homemade dressing that was made up of tangelo juice (instead of lime), olive oil, a little honey, salt and coarse black pepper.  Simple yet bursting with flavor.

And the best part, while I threw this salad together I prepped one for lunch today.  I’m already counting down until I can dig in…



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