Roasted Acorn Squash with Cranberries and Pumpkinseeds {plus a kale caesar salad}

I’ve been a subscriber of Cooking Light magazine since 2009.  That’s a lot of magazines.  And a lot of recipes.  When an issue arrives in my mailbox I cannot wait to devour each and every page.  I flip and flip through the pages and have big dreams of preparing all the meals that tempt me.  But then another issue arrives.  And the recipes never stop piling up.  And honestly, I’m so type-A that it stresses me out.  Which is absurd.  So instead of letting it stress me out, I’m trying to actually prepare the recipes soon after flipping through the magazine.  (Don’t worry, I rip out all recipes that I think I would enjoy and they are securely resting in binders in my pantry.)

So far, so good for 2014.  I’ve received one issue and I’ve cooked multiple recipes, including the casserole from yesterdays post.

Earlier this week, we enjoyed roasted acorn squash with cranberries and pumpkinseeds along with a side kale Caesar salad.  

I was extremely disappointed that I couldn’t find delicata squash at our local grocery store.  And I even went to the big city (Raleigh) and I had no luck at The Fresh Market.  So I improvised with acorn squash.  Besides the squash, I followed the recipe exactly, adjusting the cook time.  I cooked the acorn squash in a 400 degree oven in a glass baking dish that had about 1/2-inch water in the bottom.  The acorn squash will take 45-60 minutes to cook.

kale caesar 002


I adored the acorn squash but then again I adore most squash.  And the addition of thyme – brilliant.  Re-hydrating the dried cranberries added so much flavor.

On the side, one of Big Guy’s absolute favorites, a Caesar salad.  Except this salad used kale (superfood!) instead of romaine.  The homemade-Caesar dressing was simply amazing.  Love homemade dressings (my 2014 obsession).

kale caesar 001


The salad was simply beautiful.  I used baby kale which has a better flavor raw than regular kale, in my opinion.

Do you read Cooking Light?  Is there a recipe you’re dying to try from the latest issue?


3 thoughts on “Roasted Acorn Squash with Cranberries and Pumpkinseeds {plus a kale caesar salad}

  1. Oh this looks awesome. I’m glad it was a success, maybe that will be our Sunday night meal. You know I love my Cooking Light. Even more I love waiting for you to try the recipes so I know if they are worth it :).

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