Slow down and enjoy life.

Every year around this time I do a little disappearing act.

It’s not that I don’t want to blog.  But well, there were just more “real” things happening.

Like kicking off the holiday with a glass of champs and a dinner date with Big Guy at On The Square.

And going to an ECU basketball game in Raleigh with friends.

We can’t forget about Christmas dinner at Mimi’s and being with the ones you love.

And it was pretty entertaining to watch Big Guy and Logan (my youngest brother) try and put together a kitchen for little Haines.

But her excitement on Christmas morning was totally worth the 3 hours of work the night before.

And I can’t lie.  Christmas morning mimosas are way more important than blogging.

And realizing how ridiculously spoiled and blessed you are and just being happy took the place of blogging the past week.

Because it’s okay to slow down and enjoy life.  And I will never regret spending a Saturday sipping champs and eating sushi with the one I love.

I promise that I’ll be back with great recipes that you must try.

But until then, know that without a doubt, I am soaking up every minute that is left in this holiday season.

Because my computer will be here tomorrow.


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