Likes. Dislikes. And updated recipe index.

Happy Friday, friends!

Just stopping by to say that I’ve updated a few things on this little blog.

First of all, I’ve updated the “About Me” page!

 newlywed.  thirty.   loves jesus.  passionate about health. everything in moderation.

born and raised in charlotte, nc.  left south charlotte for a small college town, greenville, nc.  left greenville for an even smaller town, nashville, nc.

likes: champs.  pizza.  the beach.  5am workouts.  bow ties.  trying new restaurants.  nut butter.  cooking.  a clean house.  fresh paint.  snail mail.  instagram.  farm-to-table restaurants.  home-grown goodness.  fresh herbs.  cheese.  lilly pulitzer.  wine.  ecu football.  tailgating.  pecans.  weight training.  target.  christmas.  fresh linens.  wrapping presents.  window shopping.  fresh market coffee.  traveling with my husband.  traditions.  north carolina.  sleep.   manicures.  lists.  plans.  reading.  laughing.  candles burning.  dark chocolate.  coconut anything.  mojitos.  sun tan lotion.  jack rogers.  lazy sunday mornings.

dislikes:  socks with sandals.  holiday office parties.  snow.  chipped nails.  twitter.  buffets.  gin.  bourbon cocktails.  raw cauliflower.  black friday.  cats.  halloween.  politics.  static.  tevas.

I think that about sums it up.

Oh, and I’ve updated the Recipe Index.  

Annnnd one more thing, I’m going to start keeping tabs on all the restaurants we visit!  I love giving Restaurant Recommendations and I figured here is as good of a place as any to keep a running list.

Enjoy your weekend!


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