An Awesome 2013!

I know that we still have a few more weeks left in 2013 but I want to reflect on a post that I wrote in January.  Instead of making “resolutions,” Big Guy and I decided to make 2013 awesome.  Simple as that.

So how’d we do?

Well, 2013 was, indeed, amazing.  Probably the most amazing year of my life thus far.

I can’t even begin to tell you all the amazing memories I’ve made over the past year.

But I can tell you that we completed most of our list!

Complete a DIY project!  Check.

We turned an old t.v. cabinet into a bar.  And I am amazed that it turned out as gorgeous as it did.  One of my favorite pieces in our house.

Try 6 new restaurants in NC.  Check.  (In fact, we ate at way more than six!)

Capital Club 16 in Downtown Raleigh


SoCo in Wilson, NC


Chef and the Farmer in Kinston, NC


Geer Street Garden in Durham, NC


Mura in Raleigh


Chuck’s in Downtown Raleigh



Host a get together at our house.  Check.


Mimosa Brunch!


Take a cooking class.  Sadly we did not accomplish this in 2013.  BUT!  We did so many more amazing things that I don’t have the time to capture in this short post.

I am beyond blessed and 2013 was an amazing year.

I cannot wait to see what 2014 holds.


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