Turkey Cobb Salad Tacos

My Dad loves Thanksgiving.  Like more than any other holiday.  More than Christmas and his birthday (which happen to be the same day).

He loves Thanksgiving because all his family is together.  Standing around the kitchen before the meal, the whole family gathers around to say a prayer.  We all hold hands and we all have to say what we’re thankful for.  Sometimes there’s a tear in the room, every time there’s laughter.  I think my Dad loves Thanksgiving the most because he loves our family more than anything and he loves to see us all together.

But I also think he loves Thanksgiving because of the leftovers.  Oh, and Mawmaw’s dressing and Daph’s pumpkin cheesecake.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of turkey leftovers and we had a lot of leftover turkey after our mini-Thanksgiving.

So I transformed the turkey.  It tasted nothing like Thanksgiving and was every bit delicious.

The smoked turkey was diced and turned into Cobb Salad Tacos.

turkey 028


A typical American cobb salad is made up of lettuce, tomato, crisp bacon, roasted chicken, hard-boiled egg, avocado, chives, blue cheese and a red wine vinaigrette.

Obviously, I wasn’t making anything traditional since I’m stuffing the salad into tortillas.

The bacon is crisped on the stove.  Once crisp, the bacon is removed and set to the side.  In the bacon drippings, onion and garlic is sauteed.  Once soft, a little EVOO, red wine vinegar and mustard is whisked in to make the “dressing.”  The chopped turkey is added to the dressing and tossed.

To build the tacos, pile on a little of turkey mixture followed by chopped bacon, cheese (I went the feta route), diced avocado (my favorite part), lettuce and tomatoes.  I left out one key component – the key – because Big Guy’s life would have been ruined by that addition.

The flavors were incredible.

My favorite bite was one with smoked turkey and avocado.

Are you a fan of leftovers?


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