Insta-Lately {snow, my first OOTN, date night and BBQ park}

Despite the fact that it’s been 70 degrees the past three days, it snowed on Wednesday night.  I posted this picture so that I could think happy, warm thoughts.  I’m just not a fan of the white flakes falling from the sky.

I have posted 623 pictures on Instagram.  This was my first OOTN (outfit of the night).  And it only happened because I was asked.  Thank you, Southern Swank, for the goods.

On Friday night, Big Guy took me out for a little date.  I had seen on Instagram earlier in the month that it was going to be “Game Week” at Capital Club 16.  Capital Club 16 is located in downtown Raleigh and it’s been on my “places to eat” list for a while.  I knew that if anything could convince Big Guy to go, “Game Week” could.  And it did.  Rumor has it they have the best Sunday brunch in town.  It’s a super small restaurant so get there early.  Or sit at the bar like we did.  We thought the service and food was top notch.

Just a little “date night” collage – a cheese plate at Capital Club 16, their decor (which Big Guy loved) and a night cap cocktail at Fox’s Liquor Bar. 

On Sunday we did a little exploring.  For work I had visited a park in R0cky Mount called “Barbecue Park.”  It’s located where the first sit-down inside BBQ restaurant in NC was.  Unfortunately, Melton’s BBQ joint was destroyed in the flood of 1999.  That’s the original smokehouse in this picture.  It’s been beautifully landscaped and is something you never know was there.  Until now.

Happy Monday!


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