Caramelized Onion, Gruyere, Pepper Bacon and Fig Jam Pizza

Have a really not shared a pizza recipe since August?  

That is a shame.  But I’m going to make it up to you.  With this incredible pizza.  (Here’s the link to the recipe that served as my inspiration.)

fall 016

There are so many flavors.  Your mind will be blown.  Seriously.

Caramelized Onion.  Sweet and tender.  Mellow onions.  It’s totally acceptable to eat these alone.

Gruyere.  So Swiss-y and sharp.  But melt beautifully.

Pepper Bacon.  Need I explain?

Fig Jam.  Homemade fig jam.  So sweet.

The perfect balance of sweet and salty and peppery.

fall 015

Big Guy just had to have blue cheese on his half.  And it was actually amazing and not “too blue.”  (I’m not as big of a blue lover as he is.)

So why the fig jam?  Well, I ran across another pizza recipe that featured fig jam and I thought it was pure genius.  And I just had to do it, too.

And it ended up pairing perfectly with the gruyere and bacon and onions.


I simply spread a little jam on the crust (just like you would a sauce) before adding all the out-of-this-world toppings.

I used a new-to-me gluten-free pizza crust recipe and it turned out pretty awesome.  Not quite as “goopy” and messy to form as some of the past recipes have proved to be.  For the caramelized onions, simply slice the onion thinly and over super low heat with a little EVOO.  Add some salt, a little brown sugar and just let them do their thing.  They’ll be a gorgeous color of brown when they’re ready.  The pepper bacon was from The Fresh Market.  I just had to have it.  It’s everything bacon should be.  I cut the bacon into chunks and then cooked over low-heat until almost crisp.  It’ll crisp up in the oven.

I promise I won’t wait three more months before fixing another pizza.


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