Creole Shrimp and Rice

Growing up, we didn’t shrimp at home because of my Dad and brother’s allergy to shellfish.  When we went to the beach we knew there was a possibility of shrimp.  Pawpaw is famous for his fish fries where he would fry up shrimp (along with many other things)and shrimp cocktail would be served with oh-so-spicy cocktail sauce that I couldn’t get enough of.  But Pawpaw wasn’t the only one that cooked shrimp.  My aunt Daphne also cooked shrimp – but she cooked Creole shrimp.  And while this recipe isn’t anything like her shrimp Creole (other than the shrimp, tomatoes and rice) it reminds me of her.  I’m certain this recipe is slightly easier than her recipe (which I really need to get from her…hey Daph, send that my way, won’t ya?) and perfect for a weeknight dinner.

weeekend 008


Fresh, wild caught shrimp is seasoned with a Creole seasoning (I used  Tony Chachere’s) and sauteed over medium heat until pink.

The shrimp is then removed from the pan and the sauce is made by sauteing onion, green pepper, celery, garlic and thyme.  Once softened, the sauce becomes a sauce by pouring in a mixture of milk and cornstarch (or flour) and allowing it to simmer and thicken.  Before serving, fresh heirloom grape tomatoes are added into the sauce along with the cooked shrimp and then seasoned with salt and pepper, as needed.

Serve the shrimp over rice and top with some fresh green onions.

weeekend 009

And while I don’t see my grandparents or aunt as much as I should, memories like this remain embedded in my heart (and stomach!).


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