Macadamia Pesto-Stuffed Mushrooms

This post just goes to show you that it’s okay to deviate from a recipe.

And sometimes you have no choice but to deviate off course.

First of all, this recipe wasn’t supposed to involve macadamias.  But, I live in a town where “out of the ordinary” foods are sometimes hard to come by.

I just didn’t realize that pepitas were “out of the ordinary.”

Determined not to let the lack of pepitas get me hot and bothered in the middle of Harris Teeter, I went with plan B.

Plan B just so happened to be macadamias.

(I have no idea why I choose macadamias other than I’ve never made pesto with them and it sounded fun.)

weeekend 001


The pesto for these stuffed mushrooms is made by pulsing together cilantro, parsley, macadamia nuts (or pepitas or whatever makes you happy), Parmesan cheese, orange zest and juice, salt, crushed red pepper, garlic and olive oil in a food processor until smooth.

The pesto is then stuffed into the cooked mushrooms (I cooked mine in a dry skillet for about 3 minutes on each side) and served with a sprinkling of nuts.

Served this way I could tell that Big Guy wasn’t a big fan.  And that’s okay.  I’ve begged for constructive criticism from him when it comes to recipes and cooking.

I liked the mushrooms were cooked but they weren’t warm.

So, after we agreed that these weren’t a winning recipe, we popped the rest in a warm oven.

And guess what?  They were better that way.

The raw pesto was almost too-raw, too-refreshing, too-summery (dare I say).  But warmed it was more comforting.

weeekend 002


So while this isn’t the “best recipe ever” I wanted to show you that it’s okay to not follow the directions.

Does it really matter if it’s delicious in the end?


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