The Weekender (and why I won’t be posting pork belly recipes)

I know it’s already Tuesday and the weekend seems so long ago but I still want to share some fun stuff (as well as a disappointment).  Let’s rewind….

Last week I received a fun package on the front porch.

Five pounds of pork belly!  Big Guy and I were excited to tackle a fun food project including making pork belly at home as well as making bacon!

Most pork belly recipes require 24 plus hours of prep work, so on Thursday night we started the process…we couldn’t wait to taste it on Saturday!

On Friday night we had places to be!  We had reserved a slot at a 90-plus point wine pairing dinner at the country club.  Here’s me and KP with a pre-dinner glass of wine.

Chef Ryan blew my mind with this food and wine pairings!  I honestly cannot pick a favorite pairing.  I am looking forward to more wine events like this one.


And now I have the answer as to why I don’t have any pork belly recipes to share.

The pork was spoiled.

I’m not going to go into too many details because I almost gave up bacon forever on Saturday night.

It wasn’t good.

And I think I’m most disappointed because we put so much prep work into the three recipes.

What can I say, we tackled and food “project” and we weren’t happy with the results.

But we had fun doing it.

And that’s what matters.

And thankfully my hate for bacon was short-lived.






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