The Weekender.

Happy Monday!  Here’s a recap of our weekend.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a delicious recipe or two.

Date night!  Big Guy took me “out on the town” on Friday night.  We started the night with cocktails at Revolution.  I will be recreating the nina simone cocktail very soon.  The ingredients are simple:  Grand Marnier, pomegranate and sparkling wine.   We went from Revolution to Piedmont where we dined on fantastic food.  To start we shared pan-seared scallops, Alease William’s crispy pig earsroasted cauliflower, squid ink, Four Leaf Farm’s baby fennel vinaigrette and a Southern Cheese Duo.

For my entree, I ordered  the pan-seared Carolina flounderblue crab, smoked white lima beans, Root Down Farm’s roasted cauliflower, apricot beurre blanc.

And Big Guy went with the crispy duck leg confitricotta gnocchi, Blue Sky Farms’ collards, .braised cippolini, roasted hakurei turnips.

The duck leg was the most flavorful and delicious duck I’ve ever tasted.  Amazing.

On the way back home on Saturday, we stopped by an ABC store to grab some necessary items for a fun cocktail I wanted to make.  I ran across Glazed Donut vodka.  What in the world will they think of next?

We also stopped by a spice shop on Saturday.  At home, we made some dill pickles using homegrown cucumbers.  I can’t wait to open a jar and try one.

And can you believe that yesterday marked being married for 6 months?  Time is flying, y’all!



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