Mu Shu Pork Wraps

Let me be honest, I was hesitant to post today because the pictures are just very unflattering of these delicious pork wraps.

But they’re delicious.  And I want to share the recipe link.  They’re also really simple and really cheap.

I left out the hoisin sauce (not gluten-free and I didn’t have any at home) but I added some sriracha for a little heat.  Mu shu means stir-fried so I pulled out the wok and got to cooking.

Prep all your ingredients beforehand to make your life easier.  Stir-fry cooking happens fast so you don’t want to be left without an ingredient prepped.

mu 001


Once again, I am so sorry this is such an ugly picture of food.  I promise it tastes WAY better than it looks.

Salty, tangy, crunchy – all the flavors you want in mu shu.  I think.



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