Two-Cheese Mac and Cheese

I have a bold statement to make.  This is the best mac and cheese I’ve ever made at home.  And it’s “light.”  Mac and cheese has always been a favorite of mine.  Cheese was one of my best friends growing up (and it still is –  my palate is just more refined now) and I loved any and every mac and cheese.  The blue box?  Loved it.  Velveeta?  Loved it.  The homemade mac and cheese with crunchy sides?  Loved every.single.bite.

Most mac and cheeses involve lots of butter, unhealthy amounts of cheese and perhaps even some fake cheese (blue box, what?).  But this two-cheese mac and cheese will blow your mind.

Cream cheese is mixed with a milk and chicken broth mixture that makes the most luscious and creamy sauce that you’ll swear has butter in it (but it doesn’t).  The top is smothered (3/4 cup) in sharp cheddar cheese that lends the flavor we’ve all grown to love and crave when it comes to a bowl of comforting mac and cheese.

mac tjs 010


This is comfort food.

Changes I made to the recipe:  I used penne gluten-free corn pasta (from Trader Joes); I only used 1 tablespoon of canola oil; instead of 2% milk, I used fat-free milk; instead of flour, I used 4 teaspoons of corn starch; and instead of reduced fat cream cheese I used whipped cream cheese.  And as usual, I used more garlic than the recipe called for – the recipe reads to “smash” the garlic and I minced the garlic – I think that was an error.

On the side, a simple tomato salad with homegrown tomatoes, white balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, dill and chives.

mac tjs 011This is what my mac and cheese dreams are made of.



2 thoughts on “Two-Cheese Mac and Cheese

  1. YESSSS! I made it the other week and had to look up how to ‘smash’ garlic. The only problem with this dish is trying to maintain portion size … It’s so good I could have eaten the entire batch in one sitting.

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