Insta-Lately {scrapbooks, fondue, flowers, fall and my new “baby”}

Hello blog friends and happy Wednesday!!!  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

TBT (Throw Back Thursday) to the ZTA days.  This was a Christmas social in 2004.

I pulled out the scrap books last Friday night and took a trip down memory lane.  They are hilarious because Big Guy is in the pictures but we were definitely NOT dating at that time.  Very entertaining.

On Friday night we had a fondue date night!  We pulled out a wedding present that we had not used.  The fondue was good but I messed around with the recipe and I’m not happy enough to share the recipe I used.  

Oh how I love being at home on the weekends.  We headed to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning and I picked up some gorgeous flowers.  

Sunday was the official first day of fall so I brewed up a cup of pumpkin coffee.  So good!  Notice that my nails are also fall-inspired now, too.  No more coral nails. 

The beginning of fall also means the end of summer produce.  Big Guy convinced me to come help clean up the garden a bit and here’s the produce load!  Lots of mators, green peppers, purple baby bells and some jalapenos.  I’m going to miss summer veggies so, so much.

I haven’t bought a new bag in quite awhile and this past weekend I picked up my new “baby.”  A gorgeous Michael Kors bag.


Have a great Wednesday and I’ll be back tomorrow with the best mac ‘n cheese recipe I’ve ever made.  Bold (but true) statement!


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