Homemade Quick Black Bean Burgers

Y’all!  If I can get Big Guy to eat a black bean burger and like it than I think you can please anyone with this recipe.  I must admit, I’m lucky.  Big Guy will try just about anything that I serve him for dinner.  Now I’m not saying that he prefers this burger over a juicy, sirloin burger.  No, let’s not go that far.  But for a mid-week burger, this recipe is rather fantastic.  It’s healthy and it came together in no time.  And the best part – I picked this recipe because we had everything on hand.

I see myself making these burgers again soon.  Not necessarily for dinner with Big Guy (I’m notorious for not making the same thing twice) but for me to enjoy for lunches and “single-girl” dinners at home during the week.

bbb 002


The changes I made to the recipe:  I used 1/2 cup dry oats instead of the hamburger bun.  I used 3 garlic cloves and the zest from one whole lime.  I used 1 teaspoon of chili powder and 1 teaspoon fresh oregano (perhaps even a little more).  I loved how the food processor did all the work for me.  I was a little worried at first because the mixture looked very wet.  I was afraid that using oats instead of bread crumbs was going to make this a recipe fail, but the oats pulled through.  Each burger is about 1/3 of a cup and don’t worry about forming them into a perfect patty – it won’t happen.  After loosely shaping them, I plopped them into the oil and let them sizzle away.

We topped our burgers with Wholly guacamole (seriously, some of the best stuff ever) and some fresh jalapeno slices – they added some serious heat.  On the side, a simple salad of tomatoes and cucumber with parsley (perhaps a little too much), chives, salt, pepper and orange champagne vinegar.

bbb 003

There are lots of delicious black bean burger recipes out there (especially now with Pinterest) but I promise you that this one is easy and quick.




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