SoCal Guacamole Burger

We live no where near Southern California and I’ve never once stepped foot on California soil.  But this burger, oh, this SoCal Guac Burger added some flair into dinner time.

The guacamole topping (avocado, Greek yogurt, lime juice, cumin tomato, jalapeno and salt) made it taste so SoCal.

Not that I would know.

The burger itself was simple.  Ground sirloin (the best quality you can find), salt and pepper.  Don’t overwork the meat.  Simply patty and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  High quality meat doesn’t need all that extra “stuff.”  Whether you’re in SoCal or not.

Sprouts were added to the burger.  And that’s totes (totally) SoCal.  Very bright and grassy.  It added lots of texture to the burger.  At times, though, I felt it took away from the burger and the guac.  But that’s the ENCH (Eastern NC housewife) coming out of me.

I totally let the ENCH shine when I served this SoCal burger with sweet potato fries.

But as a nod to SoCal, I ate my burger bunless.  But only so that I could eat more fries.

Now, if only I had a trip planned to visit SoCal…


One thought on “SoCal Guacamole Burger

  1. …… I’ve got lots of family out in California, you’ll meet them in 25 days!!! We should plan a trip out there… next year!

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